Me as lofi girl

Hopes of a Dying Trans Woman

As I'm Dying I have so many people, from across all the eras of my life and all the communities I've felt so loved in, asking how can they help. By the time you read this, I may have died of a glioma in the left temporal lobe of my brain.
So how can you help?

You Can Fight against transphobia in society, in law, and in the streets. You can listen when trans people cry out that we are already being murdered and a vast worldwide network of power is in motion pushing toward our eradication. You can listen when we say what we need that's currently unreachable or withheld. You can listen when we talk about the threats to our lives and freedom that are currently under construction or waiting in the shadows.
Learn from the oppressed the nature of their oppression.

Right Now powerful forces are using the state, their money, and their connections to make sure trans kids never see that there's a way to live as themselves. As I write this, bills are being passed in the US which lay the foundation for the removal of the very idea of transness from the widely visible internet. I hope you seek out trans-created content wherever you live online and amplify it. I hope you read trans-recommended writing on the subjects of gender and transition. I hope you listen to what we say publicly until we're no longer "those transgender people" but Hannah, Quinn, Andy... I hope if there are local organizations or campaigns that need volunteers you will step up and help. I hope if there are queer events in your area you will look into what they need and try to provide it. If necessary, contact the organizers directly and ask if there's anything you can do.
If you are always unwilling to work for your values, you do not have values.

Right Now government powers from school boards to executives are actively working on banning transgender people being in public as themselves and limiting or removing our access to gender-affirming medical care. Many already have. Both are condemnations to a short lifetime full of pain. Transgender people are among the most impoverished groups because of the normalization and amplification of transphobia. We need resources to escape regions actively trying to kill us and find new homes in, for now, safer places. I hope you will seek out people asking for help on social media. While there are groups like Rainbow Railroad that work to evacuate those that can handle their submission process and queue, many trans people don't qualify or can't wait. They need to get out. The place they can post their fundraisers or even just venmo/cashapp is social media. I hope you will send them what money you can.
If you are always unwilling to sacrifice for your values, you do not have values.

Right Now the worldwide conversation, on which the future of every trans person hinges, is driven by transphobes that want us erased from existence and history. That's made milder and more widely palatable by a news media that frames everything around gender as a complex question when "Should people die for being trans?" is a simple one. I hope when friends or coworkers or strangers say transphobic things you will butt-in, even if it’s uncomfortable, and be an advocate for us. I hope you will actively take our side when we are attacked, verbally or violently, around you. I hope you will get one of the many trans flag "I'll Pee With You" pins or patches, and wear it out. You might actually be asked to make sure someone can use the bathroom safely. I hope you are willing to live up to your words. Often what pride events need is people to physically stand between queers and the transphobes who want to hurt or kill us. I hope you're willing to be brave and put your body on the line.
If you are always unwilling to take risks for your values, you do not have values.

You Must Choose whether to be an ally or an accomplice. An ally is cheering from the stands as we are murdered. An accomplice is with us on the field fighting back.
I hope you will choose to be an accomplice.

Thanks In Advance,
Hannah Kolbeck🏳️‍⚧️

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